[Server-devel] Upcoming IIAB release and XSCE

Braddock braddock at braddock.com
Mon Dec 30 17:50:34 EST 2013

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Hi XSCE folks,
We are planning a new software and dataset Internet-in-a-Box release
this week.

I'm receiving a certain amount of nudging to get this out so it can be
deployed on XSCE School Servers in Haiti in just a couple weeks.

While we will be making a release, I don't know if you want to
completely short circuit the XSCE integration and testing process to
make this deployment of the newest version happen so soon.  We do not
have a lot of man-power available to do our own XSCE integration
testing, so we rely heavily on Anna et al and their QA process.

There are four tangible benefits to the new IIAB release to weigh against:

1) Bug fix that fixes Wikipedia title search on the full English
edition on certain 32-bit systems like the XO-1.75 (only full english
edition affected).

2) Wikipedia full-text article search (requires both new dataset and
new software version)

3) UI translations in a few additional languages

4) Gets XSCE up to the current IIAB version (the rpms are at 0.4.13
from last summer while we are developing on 0.5.7)

So I open the discussion.

We can provide rpms fairly easily if you want the software update, and
we plan to ship harddrives with the the new dataset to George et al.
Or you can just use pip to install IIAB by hand on the few XSCE
devices going to Haiti this month.

The new dataset will require the new software to get Wikipedia
full-text search.  The new software will work with the older dataset,
but it is TBD if the old software will fully work with the new dataset
- - we need to test.

Question: are you using the repository at
downloads.internet-in-a-box.org directly in your installation scripts,
or have you copied those RPMs to a "safe and tested" XSCE repo?  The
original intention was for you to copy them.  Because if we push
version updates to those RPMS to the downloads.internet-in-a-box.org
repo all of your installations are going to be affected.

- -braddock

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