[Server-devel] Use wireless NIC as lan

Adam Gordon adam at olpccanada.com
Thu Dec 26 16:45:49 EST 2013

I have a schoolserver 0.7 installed on a barbones pc that has one lan port
and a realtek wireless nic. I've already used xs-swapnics to get the eth0
working as the wan how i want, and my wireless card is compatible with
hostapd, and created an open wireless network.

In order to demo the server in the most flexible way i need help with the

   1. How do I enable DHCP and NAT on wlan0
   2. How do I have apache listen to both wlan0 and eth0
   3. Have this happen at boot so that I don't need to ssh into the server
   to start anything before I get people to connect and use Moodle.

Note: This is the demo machine

Adam Gordon
Systems Administrator / Technical Consultant
One Laptop Per Child Canada
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