[Server-devel] Favorite School Server hardware?

George Hunt georgejhunt at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 15:18:37 EST 2013

Adam Holt is planning for an XSCE schoolserver deployment in Haiti in
January, and in this instance there's plenty of power, and my favorite
trimslice ARM may be under powered for the number of clients he is

The on-the-ground experience is not good with the trimslice that we
installed earlier this year in a Haiti deployment.  Reports are that no
more than 11 XO1 clients can simultaneously access the Internet In A Box.
We're not sure whether the bottleneck is at the wifi level, (XO's not
registered), the disk drive access, or the raw computing power of the dual
core ARM processor.

What other hardware have people been using recently?  What performance
measures does anyone have?

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