[Server-devel] smooth shutdown for 12V-DC powered XS

Kévin Raymond shaiton at fedoraproject.org
Wed May 9 17:52:12 EDT 2012

Keep it simple is probably the best…

I've got an Arduino Diecimila, which is quite big for our purpose, I
also have a PIC32 Pinguino board, which is really great but too much

Xavier, we could make a really tiny board, or buy one, with a small
microcontroller (Microchip is best for USB but Atmel will do).

I've done what you asked for using this arduino board and a USB
connection, but I still have to calibrate the analog input in order to
have an acurate voltage value.
I don't really know Arduino, neither how to put the board asleep, it
could consume less…
At the analog input I just have a voltage divider (passive is best,
but more current is drawn…).
On this bart, I still have to learn how to use Arduino
interrupt/watchdog with an internal timer, in order to use less power…
I only know Microchip…

The host computer software is just a C program reading the serial port
and sending a system command (poweroff) at a certain threshold.
I still have to use dbus or libusb or anything else (udev is too
simple, not smart!), to start the deamon when the card is plugged.
Will also probably need to have take an average on the input values.

I shall finish that for our XS setup workshop…
If you've any comments, or board preferences…

Kévin Raymond

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