[Server-devel] smooth shutdown for 12V-DC powered XS

Xavier Carcelle xavier.carcelle at gmail.com
Tue May 8 17:27:06 EDT 2012

Dear XS developers,

As we plan to install and deploy a fitPC2 as a School Server in our
NosyKomba deployment in Madgascar for OLPC France, we plan to powered
it with the 12 VDC power-rail (powered by solar panel + battery +
=>As we did it with another XS installed but powered by 220VAC + APC
where we were able to use a smart APC to send messages to the kernel
based on battery level threshold on the APC connected by Ethernet
cable to the XS. This was actually working great smoothly hatling the
fedora kernel on the XS
=>Now I would like to do it with the 12VDC power-rail by having such a
power buffer of a 10-20s where i can send a message to the kernel to
halt before complete power outage.
Do you know any
-hardware tools/equipements built-in (like battery + voltage/current
metering + I/O serial messages sent to a kernel) ?
-arduino-based or like ready to do such an operation
-other tricks/hints to handle smooth halting ?

My best and eager to deploy yet another XS server :)


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