[Server-devel] Networking issue with XS 0.7 on EPC-AT270

David Leeming david at leeming-consulting.com
Tue Jul 31 19:57:47 EDT 2012



I am training some teachers in PNG to set up school servers. We are using
the EPC-AT270 (brochure attached, specs on page 7) and previously have
installed X_-v0.6 with no problems at all.


This time I am trying XS-0.7 but we have a networking issue. It does not
configure either of the two Ethernet ports. 


The EPC-AT270 has two Ethernet ports. 


The installation is completely default as per the wiki 0.7 installation
guide, from CD, starting with an unformatted HDD. No errors are displayed on
the screen during installation (but there is some scrolling of data).


After installing, the first symptom is that when plugging in a computer or
AP to either eth0 or eth1, the port LEDs do not light up and no network is
seen by the connecting device.


When querying ifconfig -a I can see eth0 and eth1 but they have no IP


Any next steps? Meanwhile we are reverting to 0.6 which is OK on the EPC


David Leeming

Leeming Consulting, P.O. Box 652, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Tel: +677 747-6396 (m) 24419 (h) 



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