[Server-devel] Antitheft system failure

Reuben K. Caron reuben at laptop.org
Mon Jul 9 15:31:17 EDT 2012

Edward, Elias,

Let's look at this in phases:

-1: The XO has no lease and needs a lease to run. So using either method (a. Standard Leases) or (b. Delegated Leases) you  preload the XS with leases.
-2: You turn the XO and it the SD card, USB, and Open Wifi for a lease.
-3. It finds an open AP connected to the XS which contains a valid lease and is transferred to the XO over the wireless.
-4. Now the XO can run until the lease runs out. During this time two things can happen. The lease can be auto-updated through method (b) or the lease can expire and the XO will have to request a new lease from the server again in the same fashion as #3. 
-5. Now if you follow method (b) you will be able to mark the laptop stolen. The problem you are seeing is that you have not implemented method (b); therefore the XO does not "trust" the stolen message that it received from the server.

Method (a): 


Method (b):

-You already have master keys generated
-All of the tools needed are preinstalled on an XS. 


-Which OS are you using? This is for XO 1.5, correct?
-Have you been able to get an unactivated XO to connect to the XS and accept a lease from the initial XO Activation screen?
-Do you see any output in /var/log/messages when the XO is attempting to connect to the wireless?



On Jul 9, 2012, at 3:04 PM, Edward Lopez wrote:

> We have a small deployment of servers (ver 0.7), that we are planning to do soon, but we have problems with the antitheft system: in a small test lab have 18 XOs just 6 appears included at the antitheft list in the Moodle and even with the registered XOs we tested the “stolen” option and noting happens. We had tested with a default server  with an open AP connected at eth1 and still the same
> Your help will be appreciated
> Edward López
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