[Server-devel] armv7hl vs armv7l

George Hunt georgejhunt at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 05:42:29 EDT 2012

Hi Peter,

You probably know the answer to this question off the top of your head.

I've played with fedora's Trimslice armv7hl, using it to recompile XS rpms.
Now in conversation with OLPC-Australia, I've agreed to try to apply my
stuff to the XO-1.75 pre-release 12.1.0, which I believe is based upon FC17.

Question: Is my easiest path to basically start over, either building up a
cross compiling tool chain, or maybe try to compile the XS rpms on an
armv7l machine natively, as I did with the TS, (the XO itself seems the
obvious choice).

I had trouble earlier getting a tool chain together to run on FC17, on top
if parallels, on my MAC.

Do you have any advice?


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