[Server-devel] XS rebase review

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Tue Feb 7 17:58:17 EST 2012

Hi Martin,

Ready for the next round of reviews for the XS work. I've now
performed basic testing of all aspects of the system, so I feel this
is ready for merging and wider testing.

xs-config: pu branch recreated. Changes since yesterday:
- binding readded
- xs-services-check checks that NM is off
- nautilus in GNOME will try to automount disks. usbmount always wins
in my testing, but I added a xs-services-check warning anyway.
- /etc/sysconfig further cleaned up
- /etc/xs-config.make killed
- Moved to etckeeper

ds-backup: pu branch ready for review

idmgr: pu branch ready for review

xs-activation: pu branch ready for review

xs-activity-server: pu branch ready for review

xs-rsync: pu branch ready for review

xs-tools: pu branch ready for review

Remaining bits from the core packages:

Moodle - seemed to fail on first boot, worked on second.  Using
moodle-xs-1.9.5.xs2-1.xs11.noarch. Need to dig further.
ejabberd - runs, accepts connection, but shows no presence info. Need
to look into this.

Which moodle branch should I be working with?

More tomorrow!

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