[Server-devel] XS-AU registration issue Fwd: Upgrade from XO 1.5 Firmware Q3B19 to Q3B22 results to "Registration Failed" Error

Mitchell Seaton mseaton at ekindling.org
Sat Feb 4 09:22:04 EST 2012

Hey Guys and dev lists,

You haven't seen this issue with XO build 883, and XS-AU 0.7?

Can't be firmware issue as he says, must been OS or XS-AU issue/config. If
'schoolserver' resolves on XO and registration shows up in
list_registration.. why could a failed registration message return - are
there particular logs we should look at? I can't remember the logs, and
don't have a machine available (at my current home) right now to test
XS-AU/XO registration.


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That's an interesting bug Ferdie, I don't believe firmware can be at fault
in this case regards to registration but rather the OS build which I
believe was upgraded to the latest stable release for 1.5'  883 build no,
can anyone in this thread confirm this bug?

Of course if you can ping 'schoolserver' from the laptop you would expect
successful registration response.

Might be worth reporting this on xs-devel olpc list - George any comments
on what may lay as root cause?

On Feb 4, 2012 11:20 AM, "Ferdinand Mercene" <ferdie.mercene at gmail.com>

> Hello Everyone,
> We've just finished deploying the XOs to the 4 different schools in
> Occidental Mindoro and setting up the school servers. I was able to test 3
> of the 4 servers with an XO 1.5 Firmware Q3B19 and everything seemed fine.
> Registration was successful. However, using XO 1.5 Firmware Q3B22 resulted
> to "Registration Failed" Error and here are the following observations
> after attempts to register
>     1. The Registration option in the XO laptop when clicked results to
> "Registration Failed" message
>         However, the /home/idmgr/list_registration command in the XS shows
> that the XO laptop was registered showing both the username and serial
> number.
>               With this, the Registration option in the XO should no
> longer be visible anymore as an option after a successful registration,
> however, it is still available in
>               the XO laptop.
>     2. The XO laptop can access the XS Login Site using the BROWSER, but
> "Login" appears instead of the XO username at the upper right corner of the
> window,
>         showing the message "you are not logged in (Login), requiring both
> username and password to login.
>     3. The XO can ping the schoolserver by name and by IP
> I wonder why the previous XO firmware version works and the new version
> doesn't. The problem must lie somewhere in the registration scripts of the
> XOs. Is it possible that the registration scripts were somehow changed? Or
> should we change something in the XS scripts?
> Ferdie Mercene

Mitchell Seaton
eKindling Technology Support
mseaton at ekindling.org
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