[Server-devel] XS procurement recommendations (new hardware - Nosy Komba, Madagascar)

Mitchell Seaton mseaton at ekindling.org
Sun Apr 15 10:48:05 EDT 2012

Dear all XS Server devel's,

The OLPC France <http://www.olpcfrance.org/> team is looking to provide a
new XS server machine for their deployment in Nosy
The current XS is not functional due to a current failed disk (cause to be
discovered). Myself, and Adam Holt are planning work with Xavier (OLPC
France), to help support the installation and final configuration of this
new machine during June this year. We thought it's important to consult the
community here ahead of this purchase decision.

Firstly, we'd like to seek some clear hardware suggestion(s) for a
potential new XS. Solar/batteries are current powering method at the
deployment site. XO volume to be currently supported is 160, and should
allow room for additional deployments. I believe, the investment should be
positioned for min. 5yrs lifespan, and to cope in local heat, humidity,
salt, dust, conditions.

We're aware of some hardware that has been working in the field - I've
particular noted MSi (WindBox) machine has been working successfully in
Nepal, Haiti and Philippines (George's donation). This is also a follow-up,
in some ways, on George's previous thread although more for deployment than
testing/dev. We're not looking at any XO-1.5/XO-1.75 for form-factor, or
ARM as a platform (know this will come and be more stable in future
releases to come). Low-power is a priority, this will help conserve more
power supply for XO charging. I assume we are still looking at 32-bit x86
arch and potentially preferring Atom processors (unless otherwise advised).
Any current models in the marketplace for recommendation?

Purchase of requirement machine looks to be possible from France/EU for
deliver to Madagascar by the deployment/volunteer team (end of May).
It's crucial to identify the hardware choice relatively soon (during next
month period). The machine will likely be pre-configured by Xavier prior to

Look forward to your comments here.

Mitchell Seaton
eKindling Technology Support
mseaton at ekindling.org
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