[Server-devel] wwwoffle?

Dan Zubey dzubey at openincident.com
Thu Mar 17 23:26:38 EDT 2011

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the wwwoffle script, I'd 
like to create something actually helpfu and usefull. I'm going over it 
now to put out a second version.

Please let me know what could be added/modified.



On 02/22/2011 03:26 PM, Dan Zubey wrote:
> On 02/22/2011 07:59 AM, Martin Langhoff wrote:
>> At first reading, I'm realizing that there's many things I don't know
>> about wwwoffle!
>>    - Current rpms are available, but not in Fedora.
>> http://www.google.com/search?q=wwwoffle+rpm+2.9 so we'd need to review
>> the spec and see if Fedora is interested in carrying it...
> I referenced the ubuntu init.d file as a model. There was a lot of stuff
> in there for different offline
> search engines, among other things. It brought to light a lot of
> situations that I hadn't thought of, and integrated into the script.
>>    - So xs-config will likely contain /etc/xs-wwwoffle files and an
>> /etc/init.d/xs-wwwoffle init script that points to that directory (and
>> /var/cache/xs-wwwoffle, etc). All of this can be modelled on what's in
>> the rpm.
> There were some custom ubuntu/debian binaries to handle cert generation
> and other tasks that I ran into. In order to keep any random system
> utility binaries from breaking, I had the xs-wwwoffle script back up
> /etc/wwwoffle and link it to /etc/xs-wwwoffle.
> I don't pretend we'd ever get all the special cases handled, so hence
> the tendency to force the system to use our config file and directory.
>>    - wwwoffle does act as a normal proxy too when online... but can't
>> handle the switching between modes, is that right? So it seems we'll
>> need a "controller" daemon that monitors whether we have uplink or
>> not, and switches wwwoffle between modes.
> That's what this script does. I did not use the facility to have pppd
> set wwwoffle online, instead I opted for a check to see if the machine
> was online in *any* way at all, and then control wwwoffle.
>> This script is probably the interesting part. Maybe there's something
>> interesting in the rpm init script that we can copy or reuse. It'll
>> probably need to handle
>>    - online / offline cases in a "pure wwwoffle" case
>>    - "wwwoffle + conventional online proxy" case, where when online we
>> just call wwwoffle --fetch. Note that the conventional proxy may not
>> be squid ;-)
> In the case where there's another proxy, our setup wouldn't affect
> normal operation at all. But then if a user is advanced enough to
> install another proxy, they would know how to adjust wwwoffle's settings
> as well.
> I gotta say...I've run a number of proxies, and squid has been the most
> efficient and configurable. I use it at home and get a very high hit
> rate. There are other proxies, apache comes up on the list, but squid
> really takes the cake. It's a shame it didn't preform well in low memory
> environments.
> -Dan
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