[Server-devel] Bridging XS to another network

David Leeming david at leeming-consulting.com
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What you describe below is what I am trying to do (see the net diagram in my
other email). I only want apache/Moodle/wiki to be available to the external
network (your "regular LAN"). You'll see that I have a simple WRT54G router
bridging but no matter what I try, I can't see the apache service through
the router. Can you say what Wan and LAN settings you used for your router? 

I used

WAN - fixed /

LAN - fixed /

Port 80 forwarded from WAN to (or DMZ host with

In this set up: 

If I try to ping from the XS to it is OK, if I try to it says network unreachable.

But if I use a PC hooked up on the eth1 network, with fixed IP / (for example) I can ping the WAN address and beyond. This is
what leads me to think it needs one extra step with route, or it may be
something to do with the WRT LAN setting and XS having different netmasks.
You can see I am reaching at straws a little L  





By way of example, here's a setup I've done in the past:

Regular LAN:
XS (eth0)
My Desktop
"XO A"

XS (eth1)
"XO B"

On the XS LAN, "XO B" can go to http://schoolserver or and see
the default Moodle homepage.  It can also register to the XS and all that
good stuff, cause it's getting its IP address from the XS's DHCP server.

On the Regular LAN, my desktop and "XO A" can't see the Moodle homepage at until I open port 80 in the firewall on the XS using lokkit (or
edit iptables or whatever).  Since "XO A" is not getting its IP address from
the XS, it won't be able to register.  If "XO A" wants to use the XS's
Jabber server, that port needs to be opened in the XS firewall.  "XO A" can
now manually set the Jabber server to and collaborate.  If you
want to use Moodle, not being able to register to the XS is a huge issue.
Apache access works fine, though.

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