[Server-devel] Bridging XS to another network

David Leeming david at leeming-consulting.com
Sat Oct 30 01:10:39 EDT 2010

Hello all again,


A networking challenge this time.


I have an XS at a school where there also exists a wide area private network
connecting schools using Wi-Fi. We want those connected schools to be able
to access the XS, for various reasons.


That network (let's call it network 2) is and it is connected
with the Internet via a router  running NAT and DHCP.


The XS local network seems to be quite complicated, I don't fully understand
it, but what I need to know is the correct slash designation for the httpd
and dns servers at so that I can bridge it to network 2.


I am trying to use a Linksys WRT54G2 in DMZ Host mode with the IP address bridged to the external Wan IP address of the WRT (set to


The WRT LAN IP setting only allows netmask values of up to and
I am worried if there is a mismatch then it could be why I can't get it to


I also suspect I may have to add something to the apache or routing config
on the XS, so as to "listen" on the WRT external IP address 


At the moment I set the Linksys to 

WAN - fixed IP /

LAN IP address - /  (could the net mask be the

Application: DMZ Host, value 

Required changes to  xs apache settings   ??????    


Trying to connect on the network 2 side using a browser if I enter or it just times out.


If anyone reading this recognises what I am trying to do, I'd very much
appreciate your advice.



David Leeming

Solomon Islands Rural Link 


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