[Server-devel] call home setup via 3G modems

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Nov 24 18:28:58 EST 2010

Yes, I've done something similar.

For providers that do not provide a return routable IP address, I used
ppp and openvpn, otherwise I used ppp and dyndns.

Making the connection with ppp is relatively straightforward, a script
can activate pppd with the necessary arguments, there's no need to stuff
around with NetworkManager if you don't want to.

For an example script that makes a connection:

This was part of an eeePC support package for a service available in
Australia, see:

And my original research on which this was based was here:

Once the connection is up, OpenVPN can be started, or dyndns activated
to register the IP.

The key to writing a script that runs pppd and then starts OpenVPN, is
to use the updetach option to pppd.  This returns success from the
command once the connection is established.

James Cameron

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