[Server-devel] multiple users of an xo

Tony Anderson tony at olenepal.org
Thu Jan 21 12:47:43 EST 2010

I expect to be working with a school which runs two sessions. As a 
result each XO is shared by two students, one from each session.

1 - (probably a Sugar issue) - each of the two students should have 
their own independent Journal (and backup-restore).

2 - each student should have an independent registration on the 
schoolserver (esp. including Moodle).

3 - the school supports grades 1-8 so that students need to be 
registered in Moodle by grade (not in all courses).

4 - teachers can be registered in that role by normal Moodle procedures.

The current registration scheme is based on the xo's serial number. Does 
anyone have a suggestion as to how this should be managed? There has 
been talk re SoaS on how to register user's on the schoolserver 
independent of a serial-number. Has this reached a concensus?

On a slightly different topic. I have a schoolserver installed with XS 6 
but OLE Nepal's version of XO (0.82 variant). OLE Nepal has made 
registration automatic (the menu now shows only shutdown and control 
panel as options). Does anyone know where that code is in Sugar so I can 
  execute it from the command line?



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