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Hi Martin,
Thanks for the prompt reply. I need to know what to configure on t he eth1?The client XO needs to get their IP Lease from eth1 and connect to the internet while eth0 will serve as the outbound connections.
Also I have about 15 Access points installed in the school. Must I have them on channel 1,6 and 11 or can I leave them on Auto? Should I configure the Access points to lease their IP from the DHCP server or it should be fixed?

Eustace Amah

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Hi Eustace,

I will try to answer your questions -- if you think you will need more help, please do post your questions to server-devel at lists.laptop.org<mailto:server-devel at lists.laptop.org> -- I will set the list so that your messages come through, and we'll help you there.

First - the ISP info sounds reasonable, you will need to put those IP addresses & netmasks in the "eth0" configuration -- see notes here http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Techniques_and_Configuration#Setting_a_static_IP_address_for_eth0

If you want to use OpenDNS, you will have to _ignore_ the ISPs own DNS servers. They may prevent you from doing that - so my recommendation is: get things started using the ISPs DNS servers. Once it's all going (so you know you're configuring things right), try to switch to the OpenDNS servers -- if it doesn't work... well... it's probably that the ISP is blocking it.

In some cases, it makes sense for an ISP to block this traffic (there some malicious DNS servers out there). Consider asking them to make an exception for OpenDNS -- which is a well known non-malicious DNS service.

Under linux - and specifically because this is a server that in itself provides DNS services -- you have to set the DNS servers in a special config file. See the notes here http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Techniques_and_Configuration#Use_OpenDNS

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 9:04 PM, Reuben K. Caron <reuben at laptop.org<mailto:reuben at laptop.org>> wrote:

I wish to use the following IPaddr as the server IPss for the two separate sites and

I don't understand this part. Are those the IP addresses the ISP is telling you to use?

The Servers has two network interface card each eth0 and eth1. Eth0 will serve for the external communications while Eth1 will serve for the internal communication for the DHCP server.

The DHCP lease will be private IP address like and so on. This will be loop of IPss released to the XO to either connect to each other or to the internet. So I guess that the netmodem IP will server as the Gateway address. Correct me if am wrong.

The XS is preconfigured to run the network in the 178.x segment. Let it do its thing as it is a very specific setup.

 Can you help me with the list of files that I need to edit and what are the steps.

Yes, you need to read the Installation guide, and then pick and choose what parts of the "techniques and configuration" page you want to use / apply.



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