[Server-devel] We need: examples of XS hardware in use --

tkkang at nurturingasia.com tkkang at nurturingasia.com
Tue Jan 12 08:20:23 EST 2010

Dear Martin,

Greetings and a Happy New year. 

The XS 0.6 is loaded on a Dell computer for the Sichuan deployment. I never been in person for Sichuan or Bhutan deployment to experience firsthand how well it work. 

I will try to see if I could get details from those who were there doing the real work.

A photo of the XS and with the Altai A3 Smart WiFi sitting on top. Heard the Wifi connection was not very stable for whatever reasons



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>List, David, Reuben,
>We are getting increasing enquiries "what hardware can we use for an
>XS in a school with N laptops?", and frankly the
>http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Recommended_Hardware is a bit slim on
>concrete recommendations.
>So I need your help -- I've added some info in the "hardware known to
>work" section, but I'd like David to put more info on the exact model
>of MSI Wind he's using, additional hardware, number of laptops
>supported, and any extra notes.
>Similarly, Reuben, I need more info on what hw the OLPCCorps crowd is using.
>And anyone else that's running an XS (hi Hamilton!)... we need your hw
>profile and your numbers.
>Additionally, I've added a 'server sizing' section. It'll be great to
>get corroboration that the CPU/RAM to number of users match what you
>are using in the field, and whether your server gets in trouble when
>usage spikes.
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