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Mon Jan 11 20:58:44 EST 2010

Hi, Martin,

----- Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at gmail.com> wrote:
> > We also set a static IP for the server--though I noticed that on a cold boot the server seems to get its address via DHCP and needs a network restart to get the static address back.
> Very odd -- the scripts / configuration that execute are the same
> regardless of whether it is from cold boot or network restart.
It gets odder--I tried this morning and observed:
* cold boot - address (DHCP generated)
* after network restart - address (same as above)
* after another network restart - address (supposed to be the static address, see attached ifcfg-eth0-local file)

I should mention that I did a groupinstall of "X Window System" and then installed mc, firefox and fluxbox, might that have pulled in some package that is affecting networking?

> cheers,
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Thanks again for all the help,


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