[Server-devel] Managing presence across multiple groups

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 09:16:33 EST 2010

Hi David!

On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 12:35 AM, David Leeming
<david at leeming-consulting.com> wrote:
> OK no worries, I am just exploring the possibilities. We have to start
> simple in any case. The teachers will not become proficient Moodle
> administrators immediately.

Agreed -- simple is good. And do keep asking these questions, telling
us about the use cases. We might not have the solution straight away,
but it sure feeds into what I work on going forward.

> Are there any more guidelines on XS usage, how people are using it in other
> country programmes? Other than what's on the wiki
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/School_server and associated pages?

And these discussions on the list archives. Paltry, I know. In a
sense, our custom Moodle is not yet where I want it to be. Once it is
closer, I will invest more time on writing with the edu side of OLPC
about usage practices.

But those practices will also be based on what early adopters like you tell us!

> We had a lot of damage to houses in one area and a few minor injuries but
> this was not as bad as the big earthquake/tsunami of 2007 by any means.
> Thanks for your concern, and Happy New Year to all the list, too!

Good to hear -- the news weren't very clear as to the impact. Happy 2010!

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