[Server-devel] Early F11 XS build

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 16:48:28 EDT 2009

In between various complications, I have been working on getting an
initial rebase of the XS packages and build infra to F11.

After much wrangling with revisor, comps and image-creator, I have an
initial installer iso and an image that boots on the XO-1. The XO
image tests reasonably well, I haven't had chance to play much with
the installer iso (but the image is built from it).

All of the above owes a lot to hints from Jerry Vonau - thanks!

You will find the files on http://xs-dev.laptop.org/xs/other/ in
about... 6hs -- the name says "0.7" which is misleading, so I will rm
them once I have better ones. But in case you want something to play
with :-)


 - The XO image is using the old XO kernel  --
   -- I could not include the new kernel from dillinger's repo due to
a conflict with kernel-firmware, even if say "-kernel-firmware" in the
   -- the vanilla F11 kernels fail to boot on the XO -- expected?

 - The build is slimmer (without a need to slim-it-down manually)
because upstream now avoid including some if the boot images in the
main iso.

 - However, that means that making a bootable usb is harder for users.

 - Dependency chains are slimmer... but some are still bizarre. Bits
of kde and gnome are there.

Digests and sizes

546M    /srv/revisor/xs-f11-i386/iso/OLPC School Server-0.7-i386.iso
401M    OLPC School Server-0.7-i386.img.gz

aa41b6dbca1aac13f842f13f8106019276d065e6  OLPC School Server-0.7-i386.iso
6bfe1a507704e21e84660a8d091624ffc7dee17a  OLPC School Server-0.7-i386.img.gz


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