[Server-devel] unregister soas

Devon Connolly devcon at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 14:13:13 EDT 2009

With the latest XO build you need to:

# rm .sugar/default/config

Then press CTL+ALT+ERASE.  You will need to re-enter the students name and  
the register option will have returned.

 From what I've experienced "sugar-control-panel -c registration" only  
seems to allow laptops that were having trouble registering register.  If  
they are already registered, I don't think it does anything.

To clear the server of all history of the registration:

# /home/idmgr/remove_user "SERIAL#"

This will delete the user from the registration sqlite database.  It also  
deletes the user account fromt he server.  I modified the script so it  
also deletes the users backup files...



for serial; do
     echo "$serial" | grep -s -E '^[A-Z]{3}[A-F0-9]{8}$' || exit 1
     sqlite3 /home/idmgr/identity.db "DELETE FROM laptops WHERE serial =  
'$serial'" || exit 1
     /usr/sbin/userdel -r $serial

Take away the '-r' option from userdel to refrain from deleting the users  

When deleting the users from Moodle, they should be just marked deleted  
but are not removed from the Moodle database.  To get rid of them you need  

# su - postgres
# psql
# \connect moodle-xs
# DELETE FROM mdl_user WHERE mdl_user.deleted = 1;   //To delete all users  
that were deleted from the moodle interface.
# DELETE FROM mdl_user WHERE mdl_user.username = 'USERSNAME';  //To delete  
a specific user
# \quit

I believe the above removes all traces from the server.

On Sat, 17 Oct 2009 15:41:30 -0000, Tim Moody <timmoody at sympatico.ca>  

> Is there a way to unregister a client with the xs?
> sugar-control-panel -c register didn't seem to do anything.
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