[Server-devel] Congratulations - Some questions

Rangan Srikhanta rangan at laptop.org.au
Sat Oct 10 02:08:29 EDT 2009

Martin et al,


Congratulations. This is remarkable step forward and I am pleased to see the
progress. I look forward to the potential of a version 1.0 with all the
bells and whistles, (don't know when that will be) to rollout to our
deployments. Things noted so far:


-          Ease of install

-          Reliability of presence (only noted with four XOs, but a thorough
100+ XO test is likely to occur on Monday)

-          Auto-magic, heard/read so much about it, it's great to see it


We will be rolling out over 500 XO laptops across six deployment sites in
the next couple of months. I am thinking that rolling out the XS in some
form may be an option for one of the states we are rolling out to.


Some questions (sorry if they seem silly, I've lost track of the XS
development process):

-          How many XOs can be connected to an XS? 60, 120, 250?

-          What is the deal with XOs to AP ratios, we are using WRT54GLs, is
it 20 XOs per AP? Or is it potentially much more. 

-          Some issues with changing the Administrator name as well as XO
color, when the XO has already been registered, is that functionality there?
(e.g. I named one XO, Barack, it was the first to register and then connect
to moodle, but now I want to change the XO's name in moodle to Administrator
and the XO Icon).


Again, I am so pleased with this progress, we are going to Australia's most
remote school in two weeks, 50 XOs being deployed there and I'd love to have
the XS up and running there.


Thank you,




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