[Server-devel] fresh XS 0.6 install

Tim Moody timmoody at sympatico.ca
Fri Oct 9 19:06:51 EDT 2009

OK, so the message is don't worry about first boot. 
/var/log/moodle-instupg.log ends in success.

the next problem is that when I try to register the qemu emulated xo 8.2.0 
it fails, probably because qemu has a built in dhcp server and nat firewall, 
so the xo never gets it address, dns, and domain from the xs and therefore 
can't find the xs.

ping schoolserver yields unknown host
ping schoolserver.testschool.org gets correct ip ( but can't 
reach it
browse can reach the internet through the xs
and the xo update also works

has anyone tried the tap interface?

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On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 10:20 PM, Tim Moody <timmoody at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> fresh 0.6 install went smoothly except for
> still says Moodle must be installed or upgraded

Strange! What does /var/log/moodle-instupg.log say? Does it end in
success or failure? If failure... attach...

Or does it say it during the first boot? That would be the normal way
of things...

> have the install instructions been overly pruned? the ejabberd admin
> password set up is gone. is it still required?

Nope, it is gone -- for good! :-)

> are you planning for the next release to prompt for domain and maybe
> ejabberd admin password during install as timezone and root password are?

Only for domain, and inside of Moodle if possible, so all the rest is 


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