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Different photos  from various individual upload via mobile iphone facebook upload. The photo I sent is from is from http://www.facebook.com/cktsoi

The AP is from Altai Technologies' A8 Super WiFi Base Station. Here is snip from a press release:

"Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan with a population of over 99,000.  The Altai A8 Super WiFi Base Station will be installed in one of the primary schools at Thimphu to provide wireless broadband access to the campus areas in this district.  The long range technology of the A8 helps extend the WiFi signal to 1km in the line-of-sight environment, this helps shorten the deployment time and cost.  Anthony Wong, President, China & South East Asia of OLPC said, ?We appreciate the support from Altai.  OLPC Asia will donate 200 units of wifi-enabled XO laptops to the schools in Bhutan for education purposes.  Leveraging the Altai?s Super WiFi technology, the wireless broadband services will cover the campus areas in Thimphu.  Teachers and students will be able to learn through the XO laptop and connect to them to the world.?  This charity project will kick-start the rural Bhutan on the road towards the digital era"

Hope in the future we can document the setup, the experience and any modification made to XS ? Photos can only show certain things even though Confucious wisdom that picture is worth a thousand words <grin>


T.K. Kang

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>> Great... looking forward to the release. An update - the XS is currently installed in the Bhutan deployment and link to a powerful AP. Photos are starting to appear as the deployment team upload stuff by the minute and hour @Facebook.
>Nice! What's the FB id / group?
>> Here is a photo from Jacky's album of a kid taking his XO home back for the day (and raining). At the top you can see the AP installed on the 1st floor. The XS and the collective mind in digital form should be in the connected room!
>Are those custom antennas? Can you post / blog / wiki about your setup?
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