[Server-devel] First semi-version of Simple Digital Library Index

Mike Dawson mikeofmanchester at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 14:21:46 EST 2009

Dear All,

Finally made a first version of Simple Digital Library Index that we
have designed here to make libraries easier in limited connectivity


In this I've tidied up a lot of the code, added a javascript based
search that works offline, and made a GUI for tagging folders and
building the library itself.

    *  Generates a plain old HTML browsing interface - no MySQL, PHP,
etc. required
    * Generates an index of all the meta data and files in the library
- you can download this and use it the same way as a repository
    * Generates a basic Javascript search system that works even offline
    * Very simple to add content - just assemble folders of content
and tag the files using their own format if required.
    * Very easy to replicate - static HTML files are generated;
therefor it can be easily copied to any medium, made accessible by
being put into a webserver (e.g. Apache) directory
    * Suitable for offline use or use on a school server that does not
have an internet connection.
    * Can be simply localized by using an XML dictionary file. Will
look and see if this can be generated from po files etc. HTML pages
will be automatically generated for each language as specified in the
config file.
    * Can be made full text searchable by feeding the index page to Nutch [1]

Will be having the team here work on documentation and putting our
example library online.  Still very much work in progress but hope
this gives a flavor.  We have deployed it out here in Afghanistan and
it works pretty nice for serving our offline websites and other media
to kids.



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