[Server-devel] Apache proxy CRCsync

Toby Collett toby.collett at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 01:00:37 EDT 2009

Great to hear you got it running, unfortunately I only have about a two week
head start on you with regard to the apache front, so I am sure lots of
things will get neater as we go along.

2009/3/16 Alex Wulms <alex.wulms at scarlet.be>

> Hi Toby,
> I managed to get it working on my PC under suse 11.1 with apache 2.2.10.
> When I configured a dedicated debug log per virtual server, I noticed that
> the
> crccache_client and crccache_server modules were both invoked in both
> virtual
> servers. Judging from the error log you sent me, that is also the case on
> your server.
> I have made following changes to fix the situation:
> 1) Move the 'CacheEnable crccache_client' directive (for the 'default'
> virtual
> server) inside the <VirtualHost> tag. Apparently it is applied globally as
> long as it is outside the <VirtualHost> tag, regardless of the config file
> in
> which it appears.
Seems like a sensible change.

> 2) Introduce a new directive 'CRCCacheServer on'.
> This directive is checked by mod_crccache_server in the
> crccache_server_header_parser_handler.
> It is specified in the <VirtualHost> tag of the upstream_proxy of the
> virtual
> server.
> Apparently modules get loaded globally and functions like
> the ..._header_parser_handler get invoked for each virtual server, so they
> must check themselves if they should be enabled or disabled in a given
> virtual server. I found this through google, which pointed me to a forum
> where somebody else had faced a similar problem.
Makes sense

> I also realize why I only found cached files
> under /var/cache/apache2/mod_crccache_server and not under ..._client.
> It is because the crccache_client.conf and crccache_server.conf file both
> use
> the parameter CacheRoot to store the cache directory. These parameters are
> apparently also global. The fact that they are in two different config
> files
> does not automagically store them in a module specific namespace. So I have
> renamed the parameters to differentiate between the client and the server
> module.
Actually only the client end should need the CacheRoot at all, the server
side doesnt need caching at all. You could configure a standard apache cache
if you wanted, but it probably wont gain much.

> I have also noticed that, although the server module reads these
> parameters,
> they actually don't get used by the current code. Are they there due to
> copy&paste reasons or are they already there for future enhancements, in
> order to cache stuff temporary on the server side?
Just copy and paste I guess, I think I left them there so I can something to
base other parameters on if we need them server side.

> I have pushed my changes to the repository. Please review them. I'm still
> new
> to Apache development so I might have misinterpreted some things.
> Thanks and kind regards,
> Alex

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