[Server-devel] XS field stories

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Fri Jan 23 14:04:15 EST 2009


Apologies for the slightly off-topic request...

I'm looking for XS results from real schools. Sucess/failure reports
along with details of the network setup, number of concurrently
connected XOs, etc.

I ask this in context of the Paraguayuan deployment - 10 schools,
varying from 150 to 800 students in size. Internet access will be
provided at all schools which we want to share to the children, and we
would also like working colloboration. The XS is the obvious choice,
but I'm having trouble finding actual usage reports.

Also, what is the user experience like? I cannot imagine 50 XO icons
concurrently appearing on the neighbourhood view -- is that actually
And scalability -- can people give success or failure reports with
specific systems as to 100/200/500/1000 kids connected concurrently -
does ejabberd survive?

I realise that there is some ongoing work on presence partitioning,
but I'm interested in what is available now or will be available (and
sufficiently tested) as of next week.


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