[Server-devel] interest in new proxy

Vivek Pai vivek at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Jan 13 18:39:20 EST 2009


My name is Vivek Pai and I'm new to the list. Forgive
me if I'm missing anything relating to this query.

A long time ago, I visited OLPC to discuss HTTP proxy
needs for the schools, and our research group at Princeton
had a project that looked like it might be a good fit. In
particular, it's a Web proxy that scales to large storage
sizes without requiring large memory consumption. It can,
for example, use a 1TB USB drive as a store, while requiring
only a XO-class laptop to drive it.

Is there interest in something like this for the XS server?
We're also working on a WAN accelerator that uses this
proxy, providing transparent compression of content, even
for dynamic Web sites.

The original ticket for this was


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