[Server-devel] Managing global site resources when using segregated groups

David Leeming david at leeming-consulting.com
Sat Dec 19 19:27:30 EST 2009

I am getting to grips with the impressive functionality of 0.6!


Can someone help with this issue:


-          I have global resources, i.e. a general library for everyone to
view. I set this up as a course called "Library" and added (a) a link to a
public folder that I set up on the XS, and (b) course folders with resources
uploaded from the admin XO. I want ALL users to be able to see this course
on the front page of Moodle. Initially, users are NOT assigned roles as
students in the Library course. I set guest access.

-          I am wanting to divide my users into two classes, by setting up 2
courses Class A and Class B, adding some to each using the admin XO course
admin, assign roles (students)

I switched on Presence and it works, i.e.  members of Class A can only see
each other and members of Class B can only see each other. Both classes can
see the teacher (admin XO in this case). The teacher can access the Library
and share resources with ALL users at the same time. However, users can not
see the Library themselves to access resources on their own.


I then added all the users to the Library course, as students. Of course,
predictably they can now see all the members of the other classes.


How can I provide access to all users to general resources whilst
maintaining segregation of class groups? Do I need to go through adding the
Library resources to each class? If so, I suppose that's not such a big


Otherwise, any tips on how this sort of thing is done well elsewhere would
be useful!


A second question, two of my test XOs are B4s. In Moodle the front page
comes up as a log on screen asking for username and password, despite the
fact they are registered and appear in the admin OK.



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