[Server-devel] Fresh install of XS 0.6 -- "Moodle is disabled at the moment."

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 07:20:24 EST 2009

On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 1:15 AM, Ben T <benjtran at gmail.com> wrote:
> I deleted everything under /library/pgsql-xs/ but 'service pgsql-xs initdb'
> failed.  Ended up with an initdb.log file that was the same as running
> 'service postgresql initdb.'

That is completely bizarre. I assume that /library/pgsql-xs exists,
and that you can create files there normally if you su to 'postgres',
even large files.

> I already checked for inodes usage yesterday.  That's not a problem.


> When I installed the XS, I checkbox'd pretty
> much everything that was offered (editors, db, web server, etc.) ... would
> that make a difference?

That may have confused the installer -- all those things are not on
the CD -- but it seems like you got your XS installed -- to
confirm:are xs-pkgs and xs-config reported as installed by rpm?

Further debugging steps...

 - Is selinux enabled perhaps?
   selinuxenabled && echo I am SELinux, son of HAL, you cannot open
the pod bay doors or start Pg...

 - Re-run initdb, looking at what it does:
     rm -fr /library/pgsql-xs
     ( bash -x /etc/init.d/pgsql-xs initdb 2>&1 ) | tee initdb.log

 - Run the init under strace - install strace and then change the line
that actually starts Pg to run it under strace. It will get logged to
the same pgstartup.log we are getting now. Look for the line that
talks about

    $SU -l postgres -c "$PGENGINE/postmarter -p ...

 and add in there strace, like:

    $SU -l postgres -c "/usr/bin/strace $PGENGINE/postmarter -p ...

and then try to do /etc/init.d/pgsql-xs start

I am rather curious as to what the problem is and would like to find
the root cause. If it's all too much, and you'd rather reinstall and
see if it's better, it's also a valid approach.


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