[Server-devel] OLPC-School-Server-0.6d5 -

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 09:35:37 EDT 2009

A new iso / img pair -- uploading right now to

390M    OLPC-School-Server-0.6d5-i386.img.gz
550M    OLPC-School-Server-0.6d5-i386.iso

49543371846637d4462cf48428cb9e309c0ff3d0  OLPC-School-Server-0.6d5-i386.img.gz
cf65b211eacabfb6f90a87d06f2972f4a0942b51  OLPC-School-Server-0.6d5-i386.iso


 - new idmgr, with the fix dsd pointed out
 - new olpc-bios-crypto

I have been somewhat busy preparing things for a minor revision of the
XO OS 8.2.x for deployments that use antitheft, so things have been a
bit quiet on this front. I am now trying to clear my XS backlog...


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