[Server-devel] Marvell Wi-Fi & ejabberd

Miguel Salazar miguelsalazarg at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 16:17:39 EDT 2009

Hi, my name is Miguel Salazar and I'm working on the OLPC Chiapas
deployment. We're working with Intel Classmates notebook computers running
The XS Recommended Hardware wiki page states in the Hardware Profile section
that Marvell Wi-Fi nodes are needed, as well as four to six USB interfaces.
We plan to deploy 15 notebooks per classroom, connected on a LAN to an XS
through a router. Are Marvell Wi-Fi nodes absolutely necessary, or can this
be achieved with a Linksys home router? What are the USB interfaces used
Regarding ejabberd running on XS, is this a regular ejabberd (the same one
that can be downloaded) or is this a "patched" version of ejabberd so it can
work with XS?
Any information regarding this will be greatly appreciated!
-Miguel Salazar
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