[Server-devel] Offline Moodle

Tony Anderson tony at olenepal.org
Thu Apr 9 21:05:54 EDT 2009


Nepal is not implementing Moodle (in the form of courses) for this 
year's deployment. As a result, the offline moodle project is currently 

I will be leaving Nepal mid-May and will be available to work on this 
project if it is still relevant. I would need your mentoring and need to 
partner with a deployment which is using Moodle and has a need for an 
offline capability.

As you recall, the project is based on using the gears plugin. This was 
implemented in Nepal via Firefox 3. I don't know whether the gears 
plugin will work with Browse.

Currently, greasemonkey is used to add two javascript scripts to each 
Moodle page and to insert 'offline' buttons in each topic on a course 
page. I think this dependency could be eliminated by changes to Moodle 
php modules. The requirement is to add the 'offline' button which is 
exactly analogous to the hide/show button already there.

The gears mechanism is working well. What is needed (and where a partner 
is required) is to add the resources for a topic to the local gears 
database. The partner could then verify that the mechanism is working 
correctly in an XO/XS environment.

The next step would be to update the Moodle log when the user returns 
the topic online.


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