[Server-devel] Orange Sombrero 9 Released - based on Fedora

Jeroen van Meeuwen kanarip at kanarip.com
Mon Sep 22 14:50:30 EDT 2008

Jerry Vonau wrote:
> Since this variant of revisor is a single CD distro, any reason to have 
> boot.iso in /images? Could gain +100megs for other stuff to fit in 
> boot.iso's place. Might help Martin at xs-olpc with his quest for a 
> single cd distro, and will most likely be a user of the re-branding 
> offered.

We could probably nuke boot.iso if we really wanted to, but that's not 
the point behind Orange Sombrero.

I guess we're working with Martin to enable his (very important!) 
use-case on fedora-buildsys-list also.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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