[Server-devel] A few F9 upgrade things I need help with...

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 01:00:19 EDT 2008

As part of the XS upgrade, I've ended up caught with a number of F9
oddities -- none of them a complete blocker, but definitely rought

- Cannot include beecrypt in Pungi/Revisor build - this is probably a
bug worthy of filing in BZ but needs a bit of diagnosys.

- Anaconda conflicts with xs-config - Filed as BZ 461550

- Anaconda crash during install with USB-disk-based ks.cfg BZ 461453 -
this probably affects all USB-disk based installs.

- Anaconda: Install from USB disk: only ISO picked up BZ 461548

- Anaconda: Install from USB disk: Awkward to provide a ks.cfg BZ 461549

All of these are - I think - worthwhile to whack for the
ease-of-install experience with Fedora and the XS...


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