[Server-devel] ejabberd-xs package

Douglas Bagnall douglas at paradise.net.nz
Thu Oct 23 17:48:03 EDT 2008

I've made an ejabberd-xs package from a slightly modified version of
Collabora's ejabberd-rpm XS branch.  The git is here


and the RPM here:


The reasoning behind ejabberd-xs was developed in the thread starting


To summarise, unless we do this, new ejabberd packages from Fedora are
likely to clobber our XS specific changes.  The only significant
change, apart form the name, is that ejabberd-xs 2.0.1 conflicts with
any ejabberd, and obsoletes ejabberd versions up to 2.0.2.

Guillaume: I'm putting off sorting out my git mail problems until I
have spare head-scratching time, so please pull what you want from the
above tree.


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