[Server-devel] Backup of laptops

greebo greebo at waugh.id.au
Mon Oct 20 00:48:26 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I've got the XO 767 image rolled out to about 80 laptops, between 3 sites
all with the 0.4 server image. I'm not sure why, but _none_ of the servers
are receiving backups from the clients. I've tried following the
instructions to debug the issue, but am not getting any error messages from
either the server or the clients. It just silently fails. My question is,
has anyone got this working? Any ideas how I can fix it? It appears that
the backups worked once, and then never again. The clients create the
~/.sugar/default/lock/ds-backup.run file but then nothing happens and the
file remains, so of course then the backup script never runs again as the
lock file still exists.

This is a real pain as I need to have these backups for oversight of the
children, and it is a high profile trial. Any ideas? Should I just upgrade
to 0.5 on the server? 

Thanks all,

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