[Server-devel] ejabberd sysconfig patch

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at collabora.co.uk
Mon Oct 13 07:48:59 EDT 2008

Le lundi 13 octobre 2008 à 13:44 +1300, Douglas Bagnall a écrit :
> This patch to Collabora's OLPC ejabberd-rpm package makes
> /etc/init.d/ejabberd look for (and, if possible, incorporate)
> /etc/sysconfig/ejabberd.  Two options can be set there:
>  - CONFIG_FILE gives an alternative to /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg
>  - ULIMIT_MAX_FILES sets the number of open files (using ulimit -n).
> The latter is useful to anyone running a popular ejabberd server (you
> have to do this, one way or another), while the config redirection
> decouples the OLPC specific configuration from the ejabberd package.

Thanks for the patch. I applied it on my XS branch.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use git-am, so I re-recorded your patch.
Suggestion welcome :)

$ cat /tmp/ejabberd-sysconfig.patch | git-am 
Patch does not have a valid e-mail address.

> Peter: would you consider taking this upstream?  It would make life
> easier for OLPC (which we need) and no doubt for others too.
> Collabora people: I've been using the XS git branch.  If I understand
> correctly, without the specialised ejabberd.cfg, the only patch we
> have over Fedora is recent_online_and_nearby_groups_updated.diff:
> http://git.collabora.co.uk/?p=user/cassidy/ejabberd-rpm;a=blob;f=recent_online_and_nearby_groups_updated.diff;h=7138ad4a1a55dace867b76c683163dfc71d9f4d3
> and if that gets absorbed or obsoleted, then we could be back on the
> F-9 rpm?

recent_online_and_nearby_groups_updated.diff is the only patch we apply
on upstream code (to support the @online@ shared roster).

You can easily see the modifications I did on the F9 package by browsing
the repo:
and looking at the commits after "Import F-9 package":

"automatically generate a .pem file on installation if one doesn't
I think this patch has been merged to the Fedora package.

"add ejabberd.cfg from xs-config"
"Install XS specific ejabberd.cfg instead of the default one"

This patch is to use directly XS's configuration file so users which
want to deploy their own ejabberd but are not running a XS have the
right configuration.

"Import patch from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=452326
fixing quote bug in ejabberdctl"
Didn't check if it has been merged to the F9 package (if it didn't, it
should be).

"ejabberd.cfg: add mod_ctlextra to the modules list"
This patch is needed ton add more commands to mod_ctlextra.

> Or should I be looking at the push-groups or patch-extra
> branches, and this is a futile idea?

These 2 branches are an attempt to make creation of the shared roster
easier (see #5310).
The "push-groups" is probably the way to got. With it, user can create
the shared roster using this command "ejabberdctl vhost host
push-groups" and so doesn't have to deal with the web interface anymore.

I rebased this branch on top of the current "XS".


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