[Server-devel] One more note on Moodle - infra vs lms

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 18:32:50 EDT 2008

Had a good chat last week with Ed, Kim and others, and one of the
items that came up was "what is this moodle thing and why is it

To state it briefly, Moodle is a fantastic learning mgmt system /
course mgmt system and it's been for a while very much what OLPC
people thought the XS software should look like to end users. In
short, if the XS is going to provide tools for learning, Moodle has
proven itself quite clearly to be the tool for the job.

Couple of important pages about it


Now, this is the LMS/CMS stuff, but we _also_ need a UI to perform
some core operations.

Moodle has good admin facilities and a good
roles/capabilities/permissions model. So it is the place for

 - a personal page where I can see the files in my journal backup (to
restore them, perhaps).
 - additional options if I'm a teacher to tune/tweak how something works.
 - a way to publish warnings and status

this means we don't have to mess with duplicate user management or
anything. It saves us a ton of work.

This isn't news actually, but it seemed relevant to elaborate on this.

Enough verbosity, back to finishing xs-0.5 :-)

BTW, anyone keen on helping with this?


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