[Server-devel] XS testing

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Mon Oct 6 14:04:28 EDT 2008


I think there are several levels of testing, e.g. regression, 
functional, and stress. I am not planning on anything special for any
of these.

What I think we need urgently is a simple procedure someone in the field 
can use to verify an XS installation. It has to be simple and effective, 
because this person is also bringing up a school-set of XOs.

Our model is that the installer has a usb drive with XS to install at 
the school. We hope that the embedded install script will provide a 
complete configuration including network, firewall, and Moodle. The 
installer should then do things like:

1. Reboot the server and log in as root.
2. From an XO verify that it can connect with the server network.
3. From an XO verify that the 'schoolserver' link on the browser 
displays the Moodle site page.
4. From an XO verify that the browser can access the OLPC Wiki.
5. Verify that the XO sees ejabberd (telepathy-gabble)
6. Verify that two XOs connected via ejabberd can see and 'chat' with 
each other.
7. Verify that an XO receives access denied attempting to download an 
exe file
8. Verify that the XO can log in to a Moodle course with the correct 
student identification.

Naturally, I am hoping for suggestions of additional essential server 
capabilities that need to be tested (e.g. verifying backup/restore of 
the journal/datastore, access the library, install an activity).
However, we need to be careful to keep it simple and avoid testing 
features. (For example, verifying that Moodle pops up a pdf correctly is 
not a test to determine if it is running. That test is needed back in 
the development lab.)


 > Regarding the testing methods, I believe that Tony is hoping to hear
 > > that his work creating testing scripts won't be totally orphaned.

Oh, is he working on some? Fantastic! Tony, can you post your notes /
plans / intentions!  :-)

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