[Server-devel] TinyMCE in Moodle

Tarun Pondicherry tarunpondicherry at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 09:10:47 EDT 2008

Hi Martin,

That's great!  With the ou blog fixes and tinyMCE integration already in 
HEAD, the edublog changes will be much easier to clean up and integrate.


Martin Langhoff wrote:
> Quick note --
> Been talking with Mathieu today, and will probably be working with him
> backporting TinyMCE to 1.9.x tomorrow. He's aware of some bugs with
> TinyMCE and Browse that he wants to fix as well (in HEAD), so I'll
> backport the fix as well. Also is Sam Marshall releasing a new oublog
> with bugfixen (and he's promising to make granular commits to keep it
> up to date with his internal repo too).
> So things are starting to look better for a cleanup of the edublog branch.
> what do you think,  mister? ;-)
> m

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