[Server-devel] XS software compatibility question

Berkowitz Andrew (Project Connect) ABerkowitz at schools.nyc.gov
Mon May 19 11:14:41 EDT 2008

We received the new servers for the pilot school.
However, I think there may be a compatibility issue.
When the installer reaches the blue screen  (olpc-install), the machine
just hangs. <ctrl><alt><del>, the server reboots. Nothing else I've
pressed does anything. I did try another keyboard with the same results.
This server is LINUX compatible and can be shipped from the factory with
It is a Dell 300 with
2 Gig RAM
Dual 500Gig drives with RAID-1.
Dell SAS 6 Host Bus Adapter BIOS
MTPBIOS (2007.09.29)
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you.
Andrew Berkowitz
2 MetroTech Center, Suite 3900
Brooklyn, NY 11201
aberkowitz at schools.nyc.gov
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