[Server-devel] Possible Jabber Problem on Server

Berkowitz Andrew (Project Connect) ABerkowitz at schools.nyc.gov
Wed May 14 09:26:54 EDT 2008

I'll try nodeps. Usually, with LINUX servers, I avoid usually specifying
nodeps because it is easy to break dependant packages. I've gone through
pain fixing them  afterwards. It is good to know that in this case, I

I've never had any problems wiping out the database, uninstalling,  and

Without nodeps, my process was:
	/etc/init.d/ejabberd stop
	killall epmd (in case of hostname or ip address change)
	rm -rf /var/lib/ejabberd
	rpm -e xs-config
	rpm -e xs-pkgs
	rpm -e ejabberd
	yum install ejabberd
	yum install xs-pkgs
	yum install xs-config
	Run the domain_config script
	Fix a few config files
	Start ejabberd

with nodeps, my process will be
	/etc/init.d/ejabberd stop
	killall epmd
	rm -rf /var/lib/ejabberd
	rpm -e --nodeps ejabberd
	yum install ejabberd
	Fix config files
	Start ejabberd

I just burned the 1.63 ISO onto a CD. I'll load it onto a server today.


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Nothing but ejabberd needs to be uninstalled.   Use the --nodeps
to force this.

Just reinstalling the package doesn't rebuild the database.
You will have to manually clean out the database before reinstalling...

I have no experience with uninstalling xs-pkgs and xs-config.
I doubt it would reinstall cleanly...


On May 14, 2008, at 8:45 AM, Berkowitz Andrew (Project Connect) wrote:

> I had already uninstalled ejabberd & xs-pkgs. xs-config also had to be

> uninstalled and reinstalled. So I had to redo a few config files prior

> to starting ejabberd. That has always worked just fine. But it took 
> about ten minutes altogether.
> I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times to make sure I could do so 
> as quickly as possible.
> I didn't realize it would be safe to specify nodeps. If I had, there 
> would have been a lot less work to reconfigure the server.
> I hoped that following your suggestion would be a bit less work. We 
> have about 1500 schools, so I am searching for the most efficient 
> server management processes possible.
> So after reinstalling jabber and getting it behaving again, I tried 
> following your suggestion and just deleting the files. That did not 
> work. So I reinstalled again. This process is what I was asking a 
> bout.
> If we wind up with a lot of servers, I'll put together a Perl-based 
> server management system.

We certainly expect to have a lot of server, and remote management
is one of the tasks that has to be handled.    This wasn't remote
management so much as a bug fix.   We have several issues with
ejabberd, and in the long term are seeking a replacement instead of
finding work-arounds.

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>>  Martin had suggested that we can just wipe out the database without
> reinstalling the package.
>>  So back to the question: Can the database be wiped out and recreated
> without reinstalling?
> We haven't tested it :-/  (it all depends on exactly what triggers an 
> empty DB setup).
> OTOH, we know that uninstalling/reinstalling the rpm does the trick 
> reliably (so it is better than my earlier suggestion). It will remove 
> the xs-pkgs package, but that won't cause any short-term problem.
> Reinstall it as well just in case for better long term behaviour ;-)
> cheers,
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