[Server-devel] Build 163

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Thu May 8 17:59:27 EDT 2008

Build 163 has finally been smoke tested on a few platforms
and released.  This should be used for any new installations.
This is a bug fix release of build 160, to ensure that ejabberd
collaboration works properly when the school server can't be
resolved using the DNS root servers (most cases !)

or download directly from:

Build 161 had libertas driver problems, and an improper
fix to the above problem.

I will push these packages (currently in the testing repo) into the
stable repo sometime in the next week, probably incorporating
a few more of Martin's bug fixes..

We of course eagerly await Martin's first official release!

A note about Active Antennas:  I was unable to test collaboration
using a mesh at 1CC.   Laptops could DHCP, and register, but
failed to connect with the ejabberd server (eventually dropping
to using salut, or link-local XMPP).   This was probably due to
the large number (over twenty) of other laptops in the area
on the same channel, which weren't registered to this new, test
server.  The same server worked fine when moved to an
environment with only three laptops and tested.
The moral is to always keep your laptops registered with the
server, to avoid problems...  Time to automate this ?


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