[Server-devel] Open-door Fridays in Wellington, NZ (and a SHDH)

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Sun May 4 00:58:31 EDT 2008

We just had a Super Happy Dev House thing here in Wellington,
organized by the superlative Shiny Brenda. I'll post a link to pics

There is a big and growing OSS community here, and several people keen
on hacking and testing the XO and the XS. So starting on Friday 16th I
will be running an "open door" Friday where I will be hacking as
usual, and invite people to work on aspects of the XS/XO with me.

We have to find out how to make it productive, but that is part of it.
If it works I'll do it every Friday, and try to expand it to Sat
mornings or something like that.

Very happy with how today's gone. I've cured an ailing B4. and Shaun's
been testing some activities on a Qemu image, and on an MP.


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