[Server-devel] Collaboration between schools

Yama Ploskonka yama at netoso.com
Fri May 2 20:23:37 EDT 2008

OK guys, I took one but I won't take two.  I'm a blue blooded hidalgo, 
after all, descendant of the Virrey Toledo, and also of Inca Yupanqui, 
fact which probably would take away my pretensions :-)

I have found Javier an opinionated person.  We do not always agree in 
the Peru list.  Yet I found his recent note measured, to the point, and 
rather accurate.

However, the experience of visiting personalities to a developing 
nation's authorities tends to be quite different from the one a native 
son gets.

Please, John, and anyone at OLPC Corporate, _DO_ expect to get different 
results from when you talk to a Ministry official than what a local 

It comes with the territory.  Part of this biznai is that we need to 
bear with each other, and hopefully gently share information and correct 
when someone doesn't have the right picture.  This is my intention with 
this note, which I hope will not be taken as offense.

I've seen much worse myself than what Javier reports, even wrote a book 
with some of it, available from my user page in the wiki.

This is on topic since it concerns collaboration between different 
nationalities toward OLPC success.


"Al hijo de mi madre nadie le pisa el poncho"
Rioplatense saying

> I agree with Walter that you are making wild statements which don't seem
> reflected in our discussions with the Ministry.   They aren't trying  
> to prevent
> collaboration, they have simply architected their network to minimize  
> incurred cost.
> I'm the one pointing out the implications of these decision on  
> collaboration...
> John
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