[Server-devel] solar above 3500 m, was Re: [OLPC-Peru] Extreme Linux Server Available to North America

Yama Ploskonka yama at netoso.com
Fri May 2 19:35:31 EDT 2008


Great note, let me just segue with my own issue

> we have 
> discuss solar panels and other options that seems not very useful for 
> our mountains... 

hmm.  Could you please give details?
I am planning to use panels in Bolivia altitudes 3800 - 4200 m.  If you 
  or anyone has a good reason why this is not a good idea, please do 
share!  I would not want to invest in something that is known to be no 
good.  You can put it directly in the wiki, or if it's OK with you I 
will put your answer there.  This might be very important to know!

  By the way, I am VERY curious on why the XO is rated maximum altitude 
of 3048 m, and no mention of cold.  Thaya!  Alalay in utama!

What would happen if we attempt to use it at higher altitudes than 3048 
m? (that pretty much would shoot down Garcias' 80.000 villages :-( )

> *Is there some advance in relationship to developing a "sneaker net" (I 
> call it a "llama net"...)

I used to call it "abarka net" in my Andean days.  sneaker =~ abarka :-)
I'm afraid that will be the way to go.  VSAT is too expensive, any other 
alternative not realistic.

Este martillo cree que todas las cabezas son clavos...  solares, por 

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