[Server-devel] Moodle plans for the XS

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Thu May 1 18:49:05 EDT 2008

Had a few people ask me off-list about my specific plans for Moodle -
here's a summary and some links.

 - A smoother install and upgrade (using the cli installer recently developed)

 - Prepare a well tuned configuration for minimum memory footprint and
good scalability.

 - Integrate a "Sugar" theme, tweak code where needed to match Sugar
UI conventions and pre-apply customisations/configurations that the
Moodle K-12 community has found to be effective for Moodle.

 - Single Sign On - Moodle will probably be the main SSO point, with
MediaWiki and other tools either reading the SSO credentials from
Moodle (via OpenID?) or directly off the client.

 - User management for the school server will happen via an extended
version of the Moodle user management UI. The plan is to allow course
membership in Moodle to be visible in the Sugar groups UI widgets (so
you can share an activity with your course mates).

 - Of course, regional deployments are encouraged to include content
and sample courses within Moodle.

 - Some good discussions (for the Moodle.org site, login as "guest")

  Devel list: Moodle on the OLPC server

  K-12 forum: Hints on K-12 usage - Moodle and younger kids

Further into the future:

 - Moodle is moving towards having a good repository model. I am
trying to help shape those efforts, and make the most in the XS. This
includes teachers in the local XS being able to "publish"
content/course materials for other teachers to use.

 - A mostly-disconnected Moodle client based on AJAX+GoogleGears or
something similar.


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