[Server-devel] Defining where to store files in Java (and Python, Perl, etc) packages

Ernie Ghiglione ErnieG at melcoe.mq.edu.au
Tue Mar 25 03:06:46 EDT 2008

Hi Martin,

>   Ernie - you know more about Java packaging, perhaps this is a good
>   chance to help us. The Debian policy on Java is probably a bit  
> stale,
>   we can be more pragmatic where appropriate.

Thanks for that.

We have started putting together a deb package for LAMS, so most  
likely we'll have it ready by the end of the week. We'll do the tests  
and let you know how it goes. We'll set a Sun 1.5 JDK as a dependency  
for this package so we can leverage on the existing packages in the  
repository. Let us know if you have any comments.



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